Soccer game results
INESC TEC won the GReSBAS International Competition, which put Portugal and Turkey to compete for energy efficiency during February.

The competition was incorporated in the mobile and computer app that was developed within the framework of the project. In an early stage, this competition between Portugal and Turkey were only made in one of INESC TEC’s floors and in four residential buildings in Istanbul (Turkey), since these are the demonstration areas of the project.

How will the international competition worked? Two challenges were launched every week. More energy-efficient behaviors made “players” score goals.

The competition was tight, but in the end, there was only one winning team. Portugal achieved six goals (out of eight), while the Turkish team reached half of the goals (four goals).

Among the challenges that were in this imaginary 4 000 km football field were goals such as turning off 50% of the computers during night time (Portuguese demonstrator) or do not running the washing machine between 17h00 – 22h00 (Turkish demonstrator).
In the end, and regardless of the winning country, we can say we all win.

March 01 2019