The pilot application of GReSBAS project in the Turkish demonstrator started in April 2018. About seventy days after, the participants’ achievements were notorious.

GReSBAS is testing its innovative energy saving and management solutions in four houses with twelve users in Istanbul (Turkey).

During almost three months these participants were challenged by the GReSBAS project’s gamified smart home system and achieved energy gains that could make them to save 300 Turkish liras (53 euros) in a year.

Since the environment is the main beneficiary of the GReSBAS project this value corresponds to a positive impact on the environment equivalent to 40 trees.

In addition, during this period, the GReSBAS web application of Turkey had more than 1000 views and were accomplished 129 tasks proposed in it.

  • Analysis of daily, weekly, monthly and annual energy consumption of users’ home and specific devices.
  • Remote and automatic management of some of users’ devices.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly tasks to encourage users to manage their devices and achieve savings.
  • Opportunity to gain some points to reach higher levels, unlocking new features and suggestions.
  • The names of the levels were inspired by the Nature: “Seed”, “Sapling”, “Tree” and “Forest”.
  • Users can win the first place in the monthly leaderboard by comparing their successes and competing with other players.
  • Opportunity to gain medals, as a reward of users’ personal achievements.
  • In addition to competition, it’s possible to increase savings and successes by collaborating with others.
  • At the end of each month, users should check their consumption statistics and achievements in “Your Monthly Energy Report”.
July 05 2018