Turkey Demonstrator factsheet:
Residencial building in Mediterranean climate


Energy Saving Behaviour Comfort
Energy Savings Behaviour Comfort
10% Every user selects and deploys at least one device-based DR option.
Average login frequency of 3 times per week.
80% of users tolerate the impact of management options on their daily routine
Building Climate Occupants Equipment
Building Climate Occupants Equipment
Type: Residential
Area: 380 m2
Flats: 4
Consumption: 12 MWh/year
Mediterranean climate (warm to hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters)
Summer average temperatures between 10 and 22 °C and Winter average temperatures between -1 and 18 °C
12 average daily users
Although the building is active 24/7, peak occupation times are mornings and evenings
Consumption: lighting; 4 dishwashers; 4 refrigerators; 4 washing machines; 2 air conditioners; as flexible loads and other typical residential devices as not manageable loads
Electricity Meters Sensors Data Business Models
Electricity Meters Sensors Data Business Models
Smart meter in home meter box + 20 sub-metering points Temperature: n/a
Humidity: n/a
CO2: n/a
Motin: for lighting control in some areas of the building (1/3 coverage)
Electricity meters’ frequency is configurable (maximum of 1 measurements per minute) and the collected data is stored in real-time in an online database Time of Use Tariff by Distribution Network Operator