The project started in April 2016 and is scheduled to end in March 2019. The project is divided into 7 work packages and in each package, there is a set of tasks. The expected duration of each task is shown in the following table where the start month and the end month are displayed.


WP1 Project Management ITU T1 ITU Financial and Administrative Management Apr 2016 Mar 2019
T2 ITU Coordination, Organisation and Communication Apr 2016 Mar 2019
WP2 Contextualisation INESC TEC T1 INESC TEC Current and Expected Grid Support and Market Services to be Provided by Demand Response Programs Apr 2016 Oct 2016
T2 ITU End-Users Awareness Assessment Apr 2016 Oct 2016
T3 INESC TEC Overview of Gamification Techniques for End-user Engagement Apr 2016 Oct 2016
T4 MAKEL Overview of Building Automation Solutions and Technologies Apr 2016 Oct 2016
T5 INESC TEC Regulatory Contexts Apr 2016 Oct 2016
WP3 Demand Response Algorithms and Consumer Engagement Through Gamification ITU T1 INESC TEC Specification of the Building Energy Management System Nov 2016 Apr 2017
T2 MAKEL Design, Development and Improvement of Building Automation Hardware Sep 2016 Nov 2017
T3 MAKEL Design, Development and Improvement of Building Automation and Grid Interface Software Nov 2016 Nov 2017
T4 INESC Demand Response Algorithms for Market Participation and Grid Support Feb 2017 Aug 2017
T5 ITU Gamification Techniques for End-Users Engagement in Demand Response Programs Feb 2017 Aug 2017
T6 ITU Serious Game Mechanics and Graphical User Interface Development Feb 2017 Aug 2017
WP4 Implementation and Demonstration Activities MAKEL T1 MAKEL Installation of the Building Automation Solutions and Monitoring of Energy Consumption Nov 2016 Mar 2018
T2 ITU Demand Response Algorithms and Serious Game Implementation Aug 2017 Aug 2018
T3 INESC TEC Monitoring of Building Consumption and Result Analysis Apr 2018 Nov 2018
WP5 Impacts Assessment and Regulatory Recommendations INESC TEC T1 ITU Cost-benefit Analysis from the End-user and Other Stakeholders Perspectives Dec 2018 Mar 2019
T2 INESC TEC Environmental and Societal Impacts Assessmetn Dec 2018 Mar 2019
T3 MAKEL Regulatory Recommendations for Demand Response Uptake Dec 2018 Mar 2019
WP6 Dissemination INESC TEC T1 INESC TEC Plan for Use and Dissemination of Foreground Knowledge Apr 2016 Jun 2016
T2 INESC TEC Implementation of Dissemination and Exploitation Actions Jul 2016 Mar 2019
WP7 Knowledge Community Standard Work Package ITU T1 ITU Involvement in Formative Evaluation Apr 2016 Mar 2019
T2 ITU Crosscutting Knowledge community Activities Apr 2016 Mar 2019
T3 ITU Deliverables to the ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus Initiative Apr 2016 Mar 2019