Coordinated by INESC TEC
T1Current and Expected Grid Support and Market Services to be Provided by DR Programs
Coordinator: INESC TEC
The current and future services expected to be provided by DR programs to grid operators and electricity markets will be thoroughly analysed in this task.
T2End-Users Awareness Assessment
Coordinator: ITU
A web-based survey will be developed to evaluate end-users awareness of DR and energy efficiency benefits to evaluate the way end-users in Portugal and Turkey perceive and are conscious about these topics.
T3Overview of Gamification Techniques for End-user Engagement
Coordinator: ITU
The aim of this task is to perform a state-of-the-art review of the serious game theory, as well as of the existing gamification techniques, in order to select the most promising approaches for the GReSBAS project. In addition, architectural design and technical infrastructure for enabling the best gamification technique will be overviewed.
T4Overview of Building Automation Solutions and Technologies
Coordinator: Makel
An extensive survey of existing building automation solutions and technologies will be made. The technologies used to improve automation and control over buildings’ resources will be analysed.
T5Regulatory Contexts
Coordinator: ITU
The regulatory dispositions of Portugal and Turkey regarding DR will be analysed, as well as the legislation regarding communications and privacy issues. This analysis will set the basis for developing solutions aligned with the expectations associated with the policy targets for DR and energy efficiency.