Coordinated by ITU
T1Specification of the Building Energy Management System
Coordinator: INESC TEC
Define the functional and technical characteristics of the building energy management system that will act as core entity in the architecture adopted.
T2Design, Development and Improvement of Building Automation Hardware
Coordinator: Makel
New hardware will be developed for the building automation systems.
T3Design, Development and Improvement of Building Automation and Grid Interface Software
Coordinator: Makel
New software will be developed and/or existing one will be improved for the building automation systems and grid interface.
T4DR Algorithms for Market Participation and Grid Support
Coordinator: INESC TEC
Develop DR algorithms to enable an optimal economic energy management in the building. These algorithms will receive economic signals from electricity markets and from the grid and will convey them to the end-users via the serious game developed.
T5Gamification Techniques for End-Users Engagement in DR Programs
Coordinator: ITU
Specific gamification techniques will be developed in this task to leverage end-users contribution in the provision of grid support and market services via retailer. The main goal is to create a system that allows end-users to enter a competitive game and, simultaneously, support value creation for them and for the other stakeholders.
T6Serious Game Mechanics and Graphical User Interface Development
Coordinator: ITU
The objective of the serious game is to instruct end-users and motivate them to participate in DR programs. A comprehensive and friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) will be developed to leverage the participation of all end-users despite their awareness level of DR and energy efficiency benefits.