Coordinated by INESC TEC
T1Cost-benefit Analysis from the End-user and Other Stakeholders Perspectives
Coordinator: ITU
A thorough cost-benefit analysis of the DR solutions implemented in the demonstration sites will be performed in this task. This analysis will be performed for all the smart grid stakeholders: DSOs, energy retailers and end-users.
T2Environmental and Societal Impacts Assessment
Coordinator: INESC TEC
An evaluation of the environmental impacts introduced by the DR solutions developed will be conducted in this task using relevant key performance indicators (e.g. CO2 emission reduction). Results will be scaled up to country level assuming a large scale deployment of the developed solutions. The impact in the end-users awareness will also be evaluated in this task through a web-based survey similar to the one developed in T2 of WP2.
T3Regulatory Recommendations for DR Uptake
Coordinator: Makel
Based on the solutions developed and results achieved, regulatory recommendations and standardization guidelines that allow an efficient and timely deployment of DR and energy efficiency measures in the consortium members’ countries will be provided. These recommendations and guidelines are also expected to foster the public acceptance and facilitate the general implementation of DR mechanisms in other EU countries.