Título Data de publicação Autor(es) Publicação  
Trading Small Prosumers Flexibility in the Energy and Tertiary Reserve Markets Jan 2018 José Iria, F.J. Soares, M. A. Matos Journal Paper


Using choreographies to support the design process on the development of serious games to reduce electricity costs Dec 2017 Fernando Cassola, José Iria, Hugo Paredes, Leonel Morgado, António Coelho, Filipe Soares GALA 2017: Games and Learning Alliance Conference 2017, Lisbon

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GReSBAS project: A gamified approach to promote more energy efficient behaviours in buildings Nov 2017 António Barbosa, José Iria, Fernando Cassola, Unal Kucuk, M. A. Zehir, Aydoğan Özdemir, FJ Soares, A. G. Madureira ELECO 2017 – Sessão Especial 2, Bursa
Optimal supply and demand bidding strategy for an aggregator of small prosumers Sep 2017 José Iria, Filipe Soares, Manuel Matos Article in Applied Energy
Advanced Models and Algorithms for Demand Participation in Electricity Markets Jun 2017 Filipe Joel Soares PowerTech 2017 – Sessão Especial 11, Manchester
Optimal Supply and Demand Bidding Strategy for Aggregators of Small Prosumers Jun 2017 José Iria PowerTech 2017 – Sessão Especial 11, Manchester
Future of Demand Response and Expected Changes in Country Regulations Jun 2017 Mustafa Bagriyanik PowerTech 2017 – Sessão Especial 11, Manchester
Building Automation Solutions for Smart Grid Applications and Possible Improvements Jun 2017 Unal Kucuk PowerTech 2017 – Sessão Especial 11, Manchester
National End-User Awareness Analysis on Demand Response and Gamification Jun 2017 Alparslan Zehir PowerTech 2017 – Sessão Especial 11, Manchester
Project GReSBAS – Initial Installation of a Test Site Jun 2017 Antonio Barbosa, Filipe Joel Soares, José Pedro Iria, António Coelho, Fernando Cassola 2º Congresso Doutoral em Engenharia, Porto
A Novel Incentive-based Retail Demand Response Program for Collaborative Participation of Small Customers Jun 2017 M. A. Zehir, M. H. Wevers, A. Batman, M. Bagriyanik, J. L. Hurink, U. Kucuk, F. J. Soares, A. Ozdemir PowerTech 2017, Manchester
Gamification Process to Increase Energy Efficiency Jun 2017 Fernando Cassola Workshop de Ferramentas de Integração, Madrid